Multifaceted artist - Eric DOIREAU - Sculptor - White Painting & Expressive Sulpture

Multifaceted artist

Without any formal training, answering exclusively to the impulse of restless creativity, he explores the arts with a tranquil curiosity, with an innocence uncontaminated by academic prejudice or commercial bias. On a conscious quest for the most natural means of expression he is the author of a few books, as well as flirting with painting and film.

Discovering sculpture through a diversity of shapes, materials and textures, he endeavours to fathom the intricacies of human nature, aiming to reveal its hidden emotions and delving into the mystery of existence with heartfelt enthusiasm.

His unclassifiable works manifest a pure, free, untamed, unassuming style in an approach that favours suggestion, an exchange of feelings, over mere beauty. Each and every one of them is a clear invitation to think with the heart. His concept of art goes beyond unidirectional personal creation in that it merely points at the beginning of a journey which the attentive observer, fully involved, should pursue and bring to an end.

Through the interaction of both, the oeuvre becomes collective, always alive, constantly moving and in expressive growth. The creations of this young and nevertheless mature sculptor can be pleasing or not, but they are certain never to inspire indifference, moving the spirit with the prodigious magic of the great masters, spurring our six senses into action.

Collective and personal exhibitions in Spain and France since 2011

- 2021 salon de Saint-Tropez, France
- 2020 personal exhib. Alicante, Spain
- 2018 personal exhib. Albir, Spain
- 2018 personal exhib. Villajoyosa, Spain
- 2017 group exhib. Madrid, Spain
- 2016 personal exhib. Albir, Spain
- 2015 personal exhib. Toulouse, France
- 2015 personal exhib. Alicante , Spain
- 2015 group exhib. Calpe, Spain
- 2013 personal exhib. Martinique, France
- 2011 group exhib. Martinique, France